Agrarian Living

Shop the latest in agrarian and gardening supplies from galvanized planter pots to raised bed planters, baskets, copper watering cans to seeds and wreaths. Agrarian supports a lifestyle of healthy living- connecting the virtues of the homegrown and homemade to your everyday table. Explore everything from live plants and gardening essentials to do-it-yourself home canning, gardening tools and cheese-making kits.

Featured Agrarian Living Products:

Mama O’s Kimchi Making Kit

A Korean meal accompaniment made with fermented vegetables, kimchi is loaded with vitamins A, B and C and it makes for a delicious way to incorporate gut-friendly probiotics into your diet. With this kit, you can make perfect kimchi with less than 10 minutes of active prep time. The kit was developed by Brooklyn-based cook Khadeem Oh, who worked with his Korea-born mother to develop an all-natural kimchi paste that makes perfect small-batch kimchi every time.

Aero Garden Bounty Elite Kit

Enjoy fresh herbs year-round with this extraordinary indoor gardening system and seed kit. Constructed of stainless steel—finished in your choice of red, silver or platinum for a stylish countertop display—the easy-to-use system grows herbs five times faster than traditional soil gardens. Just add the included seed pods, liquid nutrients and water, and AeroGarden does the rest.

The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

This homemade hot sauce kit includes the signature spices and essential tools you’ll need to craft two artisanal blends. These versatile condiments are a breeze to make: you can start during the week and serve your handcrafted hot sauces by the weekend. The flavorful sauces are perfect partners for everything from burgers and steaks to scrambled eggs and Bloody Marys—or use them to spice up your favorite Asian and Latin dishes.

Cider & Wine Press

The fresh and vibrant flavor of juice pressed from a barrel of just-harvested fruit is far superior to any of the store-bought varieties. This classically designed barrel-shaped press makes quick and easy work of pressing fruit into juice at home. Enjoy the juice fresh, or use it to make cider or wine. The easy-to-use press works equally well on most types of your favorite fruit, from apples and grapes to citrus, berries, cherries and most varieties of stone fruit.