Indoor Gardening

Hello and welcome to the indoor gardening section of the website. I hope everyone is doing well during this difficult time!

I made the decision to create this page, as like many of you, I am self-quarantined at home with my family.  My daughter flew home when her university classes went from classroom to online, and my son returned home from working in New Zealand.  I’m thankful they both made it home safely.

With spring rolling in, I have started thinking about gardening.  I love cooking, and an herb garden has always been essential. With so much uncertainty in the air, I was also looking at solutions for growing plants without having to physically go to a store.  I stumbled upon hydroponic indoor gardens, and thought this would be a great head start to the season and a fun project! I ordered, the AeroGarden Bounty Elite 9-pod System that comes with a variety of herbs.  This system has a touch-screen control panel and automatically turns lights on and off, and signals when to add more water and nutrients.  You can even set it on ‘vacation mode’ if you’re going away.

It includes a gourmet herb seed kit with seed pods for Genovese basil, Thai basil, cilantro, mint, curly parsley, Italian parsley, chives and dill. I plan on growing tomatoes and jalapeno peppers as well, so I also ordered the ‘Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit.’ I’m going to start by growing plants that will later be transplanted outside, then grow herbs year-round indoors.

It seems that many other people have had the same idea, and so there are limited quantities available for a few of these items. I’m ordering seeds well ahead of time as well for the same reason.

Given that I have never used a hydroponic planting system before, I will be adding photos on the blog as growing progresses.

I’ve also included many other options such as inexpensive greenhouse starter kits, peat pots, organic seeds, salsa grow kits and self-watering planters.