Western Bedroom Ideas

Western bedrooms evoke a simpler time in life that provides a sense of connection to the past. They incorporate items that are homespun, timeworn and handcrafted.  Materials are weathered with a parallel between the exterior and interior of the home.

While western style in its most traditional sense has appeared heavy and ornate, a more contemporary approach has emerged that is more minimalist, light and more conducive to creating a warm and relaxing retreat.

Western bedrooms can also have a blend of Spanish, Mexican and Native American influence. Think of incorporating rustic wood furniture, earthy colors, wrought iron and colorful textiles. Suede and leather can be used to add warmth to the space. Take color cues from the sunset, cactus, Mexican art prints or go with subtle hues from the desert.

Western paraphernalia can be used such as horseshoes, antlers, saddles and old cowboy boots. Cowboy memorabilia also adds a whimsical touch. Throw pillows can be leather or suede with fringe detailing.

It’s always a good idea to start with an initial concept when designing a western-style bedroom. Do you want to incorporate a neutral palette? Color could be brought in by using subtle earth-tones in area rugs, a few key pieces of décor and artwork. As with any great design, it’s important to bring plenty of texture to the space. Be sure to layer the bed with a cozy throw and decorative pillows that provide a combination of texture and pattern.

If you want to use a minimal approach, solid bedding can be chosen with just a hint of pattern added with the pillows and a blanket at the bottom of the bed.

For those wanting to take a more colorful and vibrant approach, you could start by choose the western bedding you’d like to use and pull colors out from the comforter or duvet to inspire choices in window treatments and surrounding décor. A large colorful print also works well as color inspiration.

There is a broad range of western bedding to choose from – ranging in both neutral and earthy tones to bright reds and turquoise blue. Many are adorned with gorgeous Southwestern geometric prints, others with horses, bucking broncs, horseshoes and cowboys. Browse through our collection of western and southwestern bedding collections.

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