Rustic Chandeliers

If you want to add rural and country charm to your home, a chandelier is the perfect choice. Whether its to add a welcoming grace to your foyer, set the tone in your dining room or simply add character to a bedroom, chandeliers can define the ambiance of a room.

Whether it’s a simple pendant that provides a minimalist, modern touch or a showstopping crystal fixture that exudes a regal elegance, a chandelier instantly catches the eye and sets a design tone. The trick is determining the correct size for the space.

Whether you go with traditional rustic, farmhouse, industrial or something in between, think about the design style of your space and what message you are trying to send with your chandelier choice. Do you want it to tie in and blend with the surrounding décor, or be a statement piece that stands out? There are so many ways that your chandelier can make your room feel different- and the choice is all yours.

If your style is minimalism, you may want to add a chandelier that creates interest and drama. If your room has plenty of architectural interest, you may want to go with a chandelier that is a bit more understated in design.

Chandeliers work best as a supplementary light source should be incorporated into a layered lighting scheme.

3 Tips from Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler for Architectural Digest

How to Choose the Right Chandelier

Take into account other elements of the room. “If you look at a chandelier on its own, out of the context of the room, it might be an amazing object, but it may not harmonize in the way it needs to once in the overall composition,” says Wearstler. “If there are a number of bold statement pieces already in the room, a simple chandelier may be more effective. Conversely, if the room decor is more minimal, a bold sculptural chandelier will be the signature wow. There should be hierarchy within a space. Too many starlets in one room can create needless drama.”

Evaluate the desired drop-down length. “The height of a chandelier should be based on the height of the ceiling and its location in the room. If it’s in the center of an open space, such as a living room or foyer, allow 12 inches or preferably more between the lowest point of the chandelier and head height. A minimum of seven feet from the floor is a good standard to follow. However, if hanging over a table, keep a minimum of 36 inches between tabletop and chandelier bottom to avoid hitting your head.”

Keep in mind the room’s shape. “Never ignore the importance of scale in a design. For long, narrow spaces like corridors, kitchens, and baths, it’s great to use a more linear chandelier to complement the overall spatial proportions of the room. The result feels more custom and thoughtful.”

Featured Rustic Chandeliers

There is a wide variety of rustic chandeliers to choose from, such as wagon wheel chandeliers, country farmhouse chandeliers, as well as those that incorporate distressed wood, metallic and natural accessories. A simplistic white chandelier makes a great counterpart for farmhouse whereas those with detailed heavily with wrought iron and wildlife motifs work better in a traditional rustic home.

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