Looking for kids bedding?  If there is one thing that every parent knows, it’s that every child is different — in looks, personality, and interests. It stands to reason, then, that a child’s room ought to reflect those individual traits, whether your kid is a toddler or a teen. Find a curated selection of girls bedding and boys bedding to choose from in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns.

How to Choose Kids Bedding

There are many exciting choices in kids bedding today, from cozy quilts and duvet covers to beautiful kids comforters and bed sheet sets. Whether you choose to inspire your child’s imagination with mythical creatures, bright polka dots or understated simplicity, here you will find a wide variety of high-quality bedding sets to choose from. An article has been provided at the bottom of the page on tips how to choose the perfect bedding for your childs room as well as inspirational tips on how to decorate a kid’s room, written by Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen.




How to Design and Decorate a Kid’s Room

Kids bedrooms are their own personal refuge and should be fun, comfortable and reflect their own unique personalities. It’s the place they sleep, play and imagine. It’s important that their bedroom fosters relaxation and creativity.

Whether you are re-designing their bedroom or starting from scratch, it’s important to make sure they are a part of the design process whenever possible.

You can start by asking them questions about what they envision their room to look like. Do a quick internet search and save a few images of bedroom ideas you’d think they like and share them with them.

As an interior designer, I tend to use Pinterest for projects like this as it makes it easy to organize a large number of images for inspiration in a quick period of time. Try showing them images of both well-designed kids room and the different kids bedding options to choose from.

Many children have a preference for color from an early age. They may be drawn to softer hues, such as pale pinks or blues or prefer a more modern approach using bright and bold color choices.

Other children are drawn to specific themes, such as fairy-ballerina, butterfly-garden, dinosaurs, safari, and outer space. This can be easy to achieve as there is such a wide variety of theme bedding online.

Where to Start

A very simple way to begin the design process is to choose the bedding. This provides an instant color palette to work from. For instance, if you choose a kids bedding pattern that has several colors incorporated into the design, you can pull these colors out from the fabric to use as inspiration for room paint color, window treatments, and bedroom decor.

If possible, draw out a basic floor plan to determine what furniture will fit, and how it should be organized to provide adequate movement in the space.

The bed is generally the focal point of any bedroom, so it’s good to position it first, with the bedding. Once this is established, it will make it easier to provide placement for remaining furniture to be placed in the room. It also provides the opportunity to take note of any gaps that could be filled with new furniture or storage.

Once you’ve chosen a duvet cover, quilt or comforter, the next step is to choose a set of bed sheets that compliments. Sheets can be chosen in a solid print that pulls out the color in the bedding or provide contrast with mismatched colors and pattern. There’s a wide variety of children’s sheets to choose from – bright eye-catching polka dots, their favorite animal, mermaids, butterflies to footballs and dinosaurs.
Adding a bed skirt keeps the under-bed area hidden and adds instant style. As with sheets, there are many bed skirts available to choose from. Choose from bed skirts with ruffles or eyelet to modern pleated designs.

What is the Best Paint to Use in a Kid’s Room?

The best choice of paint to use in a child’s bedroom that provides wear-and-tear is one with a satin finish, or eggshell.  Both are durable when cleaning and are stain resistant.

Function & Safety

Another important consideration when planning your child’s room is to create a balance between function, style, and safety. It’s important to analyze not only how the room will be used in the near future, but how it can be adapted to their needs down the road.

Important questions to consider are whether or not the room will be used as a playroom or place to study? Will there be an additional child sharing the room at some point in time? Is there enough area to add a chair to read in?

Be sure to plan ahead for any tasks that will change and evolve as your child grows. If there is adequate space, consider zoning different areas for different tasks.

Kids Bedding & Bedroom Décor

Parents usually know a couple of other very important things about their children. They are changelings, and their enthusiasms run hot and cold, often at will. Today’s favorite t-shirt or stuffed animal may become tomorrow’s “don’t want to be seen with or have anywhere near me!” When choosing wall colors, bedroom accessories and kids bedding, a child’s dream can become a parent’s nightmare.

How to Make It Easier (on Yourself)

There are some time-tested strategies for easing the task of decorating a kid’s bedroom, however. As a professional interior designer with a great love for helping parents achieve great kids’ room decor, I have a few tips:

Keep in mind that you aren’t decorating for the long term. You wouldn’t want to because your little one is going to change in numerous ways before leaving “the nest.” Your goal should be to provide an adaptable “shell” that will please your child during all those stages and phases.

Your kid’s room is still a room in your home; therefore, it should be “in sync” with the rest of the house in major ways.

How do You Organize a Kid’s Bedroom?

Storage is often overlooked in the design of a kid’s bedroom. Areas should be designated for not only sleeping but reading, getting dressed and playtime as well.

A combination of open and closed storage works best. Open storage such as shelves and cubbies can also provide the opportunity to add color to the room.

Keep activities in reach whenever possible. Shelving can be set at heights that provide easy access for the child to grab an object such as a book or toy, as well as put it away when they’re done. Use high shelves for items designated for display.

Wall Art

Wall art adds instant personality to a kids room, whether it’s their own precious drawings or prints that coordinate with the color palette of the room.

Wall stickers can be a fun choice to break up wall space. Children also enjoy seeing their name in print, and wall letters can add a fun and personalized twist to their bedroom.

As a parent myself, I have one more tip for anyone facing the pleas of a child who wants to redecorate in personal style: Join in! Embrace the opportunity to foster a bit of independence in your child, give in to the quirky likes and (sometimes) zany styles that your kid prefers, and demonstrate your adult abilities to compromise and to accommodate.

Add Plenty of Texture

As with any bedroom in the home, texture is important to provide warmth and interest. Layering blankets and quilts keeps the room cozy and inviting. Throw pillows and area rugs are another great way to add texture.

How do you Design a Kid’s Small Bedroom?

A small bedroom can be a bit of a challenge to decorate.  We’d all love our kids to have a bright and large space to sleep, work and play.  Often this is just not a possibility. On a good note – with a little bit of inspiration it can be easy to turn a small child’s bedroom into a fun and organized space.

The focal point of a bedroom is the bed. A great way to maximize a small bedroom space is adding bunk beds. Bunk beds are often available in various sizes. Traditional bunk beds are perfect if you have a room that’s being shared by two children.  To add interest, paint color can be added to the best to bring in a splash of color.

In smaller rooms, it’s essential to keep the color palette balanced and minimal to keep the room from looking overwhelmed.  This doesn’t mean the bedroom has to be boring. If walls are kept white, you can add color with the bedding, window treatments, throw pillows and a small area rug. Wallpaper limited to one wall is also a great way to add both color and pattern to a kids small bedroom.

Another great idea for small bedrooms is to invest in multi-use furniture. Small desks can double as bedside tables, with a chair that can be used for homework, artwork or a parent reading a bedtime story.  Furniture pieces need to be chosen wisely. Avoid pieces with sharp angles and edges to keep the space from feeling too boxed in. Fit essential pieces of furniture in where you can.

Storage is very important in a small bedroom.  Before you start organizing get rid of everything you don’t need. Stackable bins or tall open shelving utilize vertical spacing effectively.  It’s a good idea to keep toys off the floor in small spaces, to give plenty of room for kids to move about the room.

Mirrors also work well in small spaces. Add one or more to a room to reflect light and keep the space feeling open.

If you have children that are sharing a space, try personalizing the space around their beds with everything from their favorite colors to those things they find most interesting. Separate shelving allows for their own personal are to display important artwork, framed photos and prints.

When dealing with small spaces it’s important to think big.  Just a few great ideas will help create a room that is both fun and functional.  Small spaces can have big style.

How can I Make Toddler Room Fun?

There are many ways to make a toddler’s room fun for them. From purchasing a clubhouse style bed, to adding playhouse teepees, bright pops of color and interesting artwork.  Theme rooms are also a great way to make a room more exciting for small children – and there are so many to choose from.

How do you Choose a Theme for a Kid’s Room?

The best way to choose a theme for a kid’s room is to take note of their interests (ballet, horse back riding, solar system, the ocean etc.) and incorporate bedding and room decor that reflects that interest.  Another way is to let the colors they prefer be inspiration in choosing the best theme. Buyer Select has a curated selection of kids bedding and room decor organized by theme.  Here you’ll find it easy to coordinate wall art, lamps, storage solutions and kids room furniture all in one place. There’s also articles at the bottom of each page on how to pull the look together.

A few popular themes are Butterfly Garden, Jungle Safari, Fairy Ballerina, Nautical, Bohemian, Solar System and Planets, Shark, Cowgirl, Woodland and Dinosaur.

Butterfly Garden Kid’s Room

Many little girls simply adore a pretty room filled with butterflies. Choose butterfly bedding that has gorgeous blooms in delicate or bright colors. Butterfly garden bedrooms can have soft pastel colors such as meadow green, pale pinks, yellows and purples. Another option is to purchase solid color bedding and pile on the butterfly pillows.
Buyer Select Butterfly Bedding & Room Decor

Jungle Safari Kid’s Room

This is a great theme room idea for both little girls and boys that have a sense of adventure. There’s many bedding sets available with adorable zoo animals such as elephants, lions, zebras and tigers. Decor that works well in a jungle safari bedroom are maps and murals, playhouse tents, world globes and wild animal prints and wall art.
Buyer Select Safari-Jungle Bedding & Room Decor

Fairy Ballerina Kid’s Room

A fairy-ballerina bedroom is perfect for little girls who love ballet. Add decor such as a floral canopy, delicate chandeliers, jewelry boxes, large faux blooms, ballerina dolls, plush rugs and ballerina bedding and sheets. This theme lends itself to pastel inspired fabrics and whimsical prints.
Buyer Select Butterfly Bedding & Room Decor

Nautical Kid’s Room

A nautical theme bedroom is perfect for children who love anything to do with the sea, from pirates to sailing and the ocean. Add painting or prints of lighthouses and sailboats. The color palette is typically red, white and blue, but soft hues of gray work equally well. Nautical accessories can include: models of lighthouses and sailboats, sailor flags, anchors and oars, real boat lifesavers, nautical lighting, lighthouse lamps, lighthouse rugs, captain’s wheels, nautical clocks, fish netting, wooden trunks, treasure chests, pirate or sailor figurines, seashells, maps, compasses and telescopes
Buyer Select Nautical Bedding & Room Decor

Bohemian Kid’s Room

A Bohemian bedroom can be eclectic, feminine or masculine, vintage rock and southwestern.  It’s a good choice for children that are free in spirit and love adventure. Elements suited to this design aesthetic are bright patterns, vivid colors, plants, macrame, unconventional decor, and artistic prints.
Buyer Select Bohemian Bedding & Room Decor

Solar System & Planets Kids Room

An outer space theme bedroom is ideal for children who love planets, rockets, galaxies and all things pertaining to outer space. There are many accessories and options available that can be integrated into an outer space bedroom, which help complete the look, such as rocket wall art, planet murals, and bedding.
Buyer Select Solar System Bedding & Room Decor

Cowgirl Bedroom

Do you have a cowgirl or little girl who loves ponies? A cowgirl bedroom theme is simple to create, and the possibilities are endless. It’s a perfect theme for a room to dream, play and grow in for girls who love horses and the outdoors. This design can easily be achieved through several different approaches. One by incorporating the look and feel of the old west with a rustic flare, or by creating an environment that lends itself to soft pastels, pastures, meadows, butterflies, flowers, and whimsical objects depicting a farm- like atmosphere.
Buyer Select Cowgirl Bedding & Room Decor

Dinosaur Kid’s Room

A dinosaur theme bedroom is a popular choice for children who are fascinated with dinosaurs.  There is a wide variety of dinosaur bedding and room decor to choose from.
Buyer Select Dinosaur Bedding & Room Decor

Shark Kid’s Bedroom

A shark bedroom is a great idea for kids who love the ocean and want to have their bedroom transformed into a shark-infested underwater world. Whether your child loves giant great whites or hammerheads, a shark bedroom is perfect for kids that love the ocean. You can easily integrate other nautical elements to complete the look such as whales, anchors, rope, netting, distressed wood and wall decals. Minted has a great selection of reasonably priced shark wall art.
Buyer Select Shark Bedding & Room Decor

Kid’s Woodland Bedroom

Kid’s woodland themed bedrooms have become increasingly popular over the years – and I can see why! It’s a magical theme for both little girls and boys who love the forest. It’s easy to conjure the feel of a woodland retreat by incorporating plaids, faux campfire, log furniture, playhouse teepees, stone and animal accessories.
Buyer Select Woodland Bedding & Room Decor

A Final Note

Just as every child is special, I believe that every child’s room can and should be unique. No matter whether the direction is traditional, contemporary or cutting-edge, there are elements that each child’s room shares with every other.

Comfortable and age-appropriate furniture and kids bedding top the list.

Browse through personally-curated selection of kids bedding — from sheets to kids comforters, kids quilts and throws, from designs to capture the imagination of active toddlers or sophisticated teens, from bunk bed ensembles to “tote-away-to-college” trappings — bring you a wide range of options from the best names in the design world and the best companies in kids bedding.

I hope you’ll be inspired to create fantasy worlds for your kids! While you’re at it, you may just get some ideas for adding a little zip to your own sleeping quarters.

A One-Stop Shop with Lots of Options

Explore possibilities, but remember it’s the overall look that’s important. Select a reversible duvet of durable fabric, and supplement the look with your child’s choice of accessories. Let the sheets express a penchant for “with-it” favorites — maybe robots or butterflies. Use zingy colors, wild patterns or specialty fabrics for accessory pillows and nap blankets. Speak with your child about how to build a look that is unique. If your pre-teen isn’t quite ready to abandon a stuffed animal collection, so be it. The time will come soon enough when sophistication beats out sentimentality.

All the companies represented here are leaders in style, service, and quality. You won’t be disappointed, whether you build a room one item at a time, or order kids bedding in a bag. It’s entirely your choice!

Article by interior designer Tracy Svendsen


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