Rustic Christmas Wreaths

Rustic Christmas Wreaths

Are you looking for Rustic Christmas Wreaths? Christmas trees aren’t the only way of adding natural botanical decor to your holiday home. Use real and faux Christmas wreaths & garlands both inside your home and outdoors to add a festive feel with all the beauty of seasonal leaves and flowers. Whether you prefer a wreath in earthy hues or festive red and greens, a wreath welcomes the holiday season and spreads holiday cheer.

Decorating with a Christmas wreath is a tradition that has been around for centuries. Many believe the wreath symbolizes eternity, as it is a circle with no beginning or end. It is also said to represent the hope and joy of the holiday season. Typically made from a variety of materials, including evergreen branches, holly, pine cones, berries, and florals, wreaths add color and vibrancy to holiday decor. The front door is a beautiful place to hang a wreath, creating a welcoming ambiance. Consider using them in a wide variety of other locations for added beauty.

Rustic Christmas Wreaths Outdoors

  • Front Doors: Placing a wreath on the front door of a home creates a grand entrance that instantly welcomes family and friends. Many of the wreaths shown below have coordinating garlands that look stunning draped around the door’s perimeter.
  • Porches & Patios: Add wreaths to porch railings, columns, and veranda walls.
  • Windows: Wreaths create a beautiful and dramatic holiday display at each window’s center. This allows you to enjoy the decoration indoors and out. Use a ribbon to provide a contrasting color or interesting texture.

Rustic Christmas Wreaths Indoors

  • Foyer: The foyer is typically a high-traffic area and is the perfect place to place a Christmas wreath. A wreath in an entryway is a great way to welcome guests and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Mantel: The mantel is another favorite spot for both wreaths and garlands. The fireplace is the traditional focal point of the living room and provides the perfect stage for both fall and Christmas decorations.
  • Dining Room: Wreaths don’t have to be hung on the wall – they can be used as an ideal centerpiece on a dining room table. Place faux candles, lanterns, and pumpkins inside the wreath for instant holiday cheer. More miniature wreaths can be attached to the back of dining room chairs.
  • Bedroom: Wreaths look beautiful in the bedroom, mounted on the wall above the bed or attached to the headboard.