Farmhouse Bedding

Farmhouse Bedding

Find a gorgeous selection of farmhouse bedding, including comforters, duvet covers, sheet sets, and bedding sets.

Farmhouse design is all about simplicity and keeping things organic. Almost any home can embrace the farmhouse vibe in the bedroom regardless of location. The finer details matter with this approach, and it works best when elements incorporated portray a rustic, minimal, and cozy feel. Old is gold, and keeping things as authentic as possible is good. Think exposed beams overhead, floral curtains, subtle rustic decor, salvaged goods, and implementing raw and organic materials in the foundation.

One of the convenient aspects of the farmhouse style is its flexibility, enabling you to decorate with your personal decor collection and vintage furniture that you might have fallen in love with.

Your bed is the focal point of your room, and choosing the right bedding set that reflects your style is an important decision. Traditional farmhouse bedding can instantly make any room feel warm and cozy. Vintage farmhouse bedding includes white sets (often with lace trim), florals, gingham, checks, plaids, and stripes.

As with any bedroom, it’s important to pile on plenty of layers to the bed. This is especially important in farmhouse design. Drape a quilt or throw blanket at the foot of the bed and a soft sheepskin rug on the floor. Quilts and coverlets also add plush comfort and provide a cozy touch to the bedroom.

Decorative pillows are arguably the easiest way to transform the bedroom. Compliment the bedding with soft pillows for additional texture and pattern.

Farmhouse and country decorating are casual, comfortable, and cozy, incorporating vintage accessories, handcrafted furniture, and an eclectic mix of fabrics, textures, and treasured possessions. Use vintage textiles, family heirlooms, simple furniture, antiques, and down-to-earth accessories.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

The key ingredients in creating a successful farmhouse feel to a bedroom are a soothing color palette, rugged textiles, mixing the old with the new, layering quilts, reclaimed wood furniture, wicker and rattan, and vintage accessories.

Neutral Color Palette – Blend soothing neutrals for a classic base that amplifies light. The palette in this design style incorporates lovely muted shades such as beige, slate, sage, and white.

Layers of Linen – Linen is a perfect choice for a farmhouse bedroom. Lightly textured and irresistibly soft, there is a lot to love with the lived-in look of linen. It’s also available in gorgeous and subtle earth-tone hues. Mix solid color linen bedding with stripes and check for a designer look.

Wicker and Rattan – Wicker and rattan complement this design aesthetic and are the perfect way to add texture. A few beautiful baskets or rattan accent chairs add warmth and charm.

Shiplap Walls – Shiplap goes hand-in-hand in a farmhouse bedroom. It can be used throughout the room or as an accent wall behind the bed. It instantly warms up the space and creates a finished look.

Vintage Accessories – Carefully chosen vintage accessories personalize the bedroom and add dimension and charm. Mix the old with the new using found objects and antiques.

Non-Matching Bedroom Furniture – This provides a natural eclectic feel to the space.

Soft Lighting – The best farmhouse light fixtures are table lamps with a white or slightly off-white base with unadorned white shades. Chandeliers are typically made of light wood or metal with some ornamentation.

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