Rustic Outdoor Lighting

Rustic Outdoor Lighting

Rustic outdoor lighting can turn an outdoor area into a stunning oasis full of charm.  We often want to be able to enjoy our outdoor entertaining area when the lights go down in the evening, and there are many ways to achieve an ambient environment. We spend so much of our life indoors that a dream outdoor area serves to draw us back outside to enjoy relaxing conversations with family and friends.

When designing interior and exterior spaces, lighting is often neglected. Yet, when implemented correctly, it can have a dramatic impact. Outdoor living is not only for summer or daytime use.

String lighting is one of the most economical ways to add additional light to a backyard area. Simple to string up and drape, they provide a romantic backdrop. Draping soft string lights can provide the feeling of being on a gorgeous Tuscan vineyard.

Candlelight brings the rustic feel of nature to an outdoor table, especially when they are made from the natural elements of your surroundings.

Rustic lanterns are another convenient way to add lighting outdoors as they can easily be relocated, they set the mood and they are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.  Lanterns can make the space feel warm, inviting and intimate.

Another great addition to outdoor spaces is reclaimed wood chandeliers and wrought iron fixtures.  They both work perfectly in a rustic outdoor setting and suit log homes, log cabins and rustic retreats.

Having the right outdoor lighting not only creates a beautiful ambiance, it also has the ability to provide security and safety.