Neutral Bedding

Neutral Bedding

Neutral Bedding: Find a stunning collection of neutral bedding, from duvet covers to comforters, bed linens and quilts. It’s easy to use neutral bedroom colors to create a stylish and sophisticated bedroom.

Neutral hues make any bedroom look sophisticated, elegant and timeless. They can also be used to create a touch of romance when paired with soft fabrics as accents, along with touches of gold, glass or crystal. Neutral tones compliment each other and work well together. They also work towards creating a relaxing environment.

Neutral Bedroom Ideas

If you want to liven up a bedroom with a neutral palette, be sure to add a variety of pattern and texture. It’s easy to accomplish this simply by adding beautiful throw pillows, a plush area rug and a quilt or throw at the end of the bed.

With a neutral backdrop, patterns work well together. Think about including textures such as suede, velvet and faux-fur. It’s important to take a few of the pieces in your bedroom up a notch, such as a stunning chandelier over the bed, or tall mirrors placed on the wall behind your nightstands.

With this versatile palette its easy to pair fabrics and furniture. To keep the room from feeling one-noted, be sure to add variety and interest. Metallics add a bit of sparkle and wood can add warmth.

Neutral color and rustic decor are a natural complement to each other. Rustic style is inherently casual comfort with endless texture. Neutrals help provide balance as well as a welcoming warmth.

Neutral Bedding Collection

Find everything you need for a well-dressed bed, from neutral duvet covers to comforters, bed linens and gorgeous neutral quilts.