Red Bedding

Red Bedding

Are you looking for red bedding? Here you’ll find a stunning collection of red bedding including red comforters, duvet covers, quilts and bedding sets.

Decorating with red is perfect for those who want to infuse their bedroom with warmth.  It’s a color that mixes well with many color schemes but works best when used sparingly.  It makes a striking accent color in bedding as well as décor such as candles, blankets and decorative pillows. Daring and bold, it’s a color that demands attention. It also requires balance and being able to determine if too little or too much is being used.

Red is also suited to a wide variety of design styles.  A pop of red in a contemporary bedroom makes a dramatic statement.  Traditional design generally involves the use of deeper reds with burgundy and black tones, while country and rustic styles lean towards barn or scarlet reds.  It’s also considered the color of romance, and just a simple touch can instantly warm up a space. Red is meant to be visually dramatic, and shines in bedrooms that are glamorous and chic.

Red is located opposite from green on the color wheel, which makes green a complementary color.  It also coordinates well with the colors found in autumn leaves, from subtle oranges to golden yellow hues.

If you want a modern red bedding set, the red and white duvet cover designed by Serena & Lila is elegant and has a soft, ultra-smooth finish.  Understated color and plenty of white bring amazing versatility – dial things up with pattern or stay on the quiet side with simpler layers.

Browse through a selection of red bedding in many different styles, including modern, rustic, contemporary, French country and colourful Christmas bedding.