Rustic decor might evoke myriad differing visions, depending on your mindset. One thing is certain, however. Most people have an image of the perfect cabin in their heads — a place where life is lived full of delight, close to nature and with a sense of fulfillment. Decorating your space to conform to that vision is a goal worth setting out to achieve. Whether your view of that perfect cabin involves wading boots, snow boots or western boots depends on your location, your dreams and your background. However, no matter which direction you choose to walk, we can help you achieve the perfect expression of your personal cabin heaven.  From rustic bedding and lighting to cabin decor, rustic furniture and gorgeous luxury bedding, you’re sure to find what your looking for. Shopping for kids? We have over 200 adorable kids bedding sets to choose from!


Cabin, Lodge & Rustic Decor

Whether your cabin is constructed of logs, adobe, weathered siding or modern materials, what you choose to fill the interior should capture the spirit of the place as well as fill the space. In the pages of our online catalog, we bring you worlds of options to enhance your individual space in a way that complements not only your surroundings but defines your vision in a coordinated way.

With a degree in interior design, I have assisted many clients in personalizing and perfecting their interiors. Now, through the selections I curate for the collections on these online pages, I have an opportunity to encourage similar results in homes across the country. I take that responsibility seriously, and bring you only the best rustic decor products, the highest quality and the most interesting items available, from retailers who are dedicated to customer satisfaction and service.

As you walk through my current and ever-changing selections of furniture, accessories, bedding, lighting and art, my one concern is that you may be tempted by all of it. As I tell my individual clients, be sure to take the time to find those items that really speak to you, and that you want to live with and appreciate over the long term.

Rustic Design Style

What is rustic design style? Defined, rustic style places a strong emphasis on bringing the outdoors in while embracing the rugged and natural furniture and textures. It’s a difficult question to answer as it is an all-encompassing term for many similar design styles. ‘Rustic Style‘ is used to describe everything from farmhouse and western, to industrial and modern-rustic design. Although the term is rather broad, there are several elements that tie the many forms of rustic design together.

As everyone’s tastes may differ, I’ve included a wide variety of home décor – from traditional, to farmhouse, rustic coastal, southwestern, western and modern rustic décor.

Modern Rustic Decor

Celebrate the beauty of the outdoors with our curated selection of rustic furniture that uses natural materials to create an easy-going laid back style. The perfect way to get away from it all. If you love the outdoors, it’s inspiring to live in a home that reflects this strong and adventurous nature.  To achieve a modern rustic approach, incorporate a few eclectic items such as industrial décor, bold kilim patterns, natural wood finishes, dark leather chairs, reclaimed furniture and ottomans.

Farmhouse Decor

The finer details matter with this approach, and it works best when elements incorporated portray a rustic, minimal and cozy feel. Old is gold and it’s good to keep things as authentic as possible. Think exposed beams overhead, floral curtains, subtle rustic decor, salvaged goods and implementing raw and organic materials in the foundation. One of the convenient aspects of the farmhouse style is the flexibility it offers, enabling you to decorate with your personal decor collection and vintage furniture that you might have fallen in love with.

Rustic yet refined, modern farmhouse design is one of the most sought-after styles. Farmhouse style uses gently distressed furniture, woven fabrics, and casual decor to create a functional space that invites you to settle in. Its all about blending traditional country elements while infusing character, warmth and personality into the home. Think wood accents, neutral hues, and furniture with clean lines. It’s about striking the right balance of pastoral and refined while maintaining a utilitarian approach.

Southwestern Decor

Western and Southwestern decor does not hesitate to mix materials: It stems from a history of using what was available. It seems appropriate and it makes sense. Go ahead and hang a chandelier of blackened iron dripping with polished crystals or opt for rusted metal forged into very contemporary shapes for wall sconces. Wrap a rustic beam with unadorned bulbs strung from exposed wiring for a contemporary twist on what could have been a “frontier” solution.

Mix graphic weavings with calico and plaid as easily as with soft leather and natural hides. Take color cues from the vibrancy of the sunset, cactus flower blooms, the eye-popping colors of Mexican weavings, or go subtle with hues from the desert, the prairie or gentle mountain valleys.

Western Decor

Twenty-first-century style Western style is glamorous, upbeat, refined, colorful, comfortable and anything but kitschy! It’s a look we wholly embrace, and there’s enough variety to accommodate a wide world of preferences.

Coastal Decor

There are many approaches one can take in decorating their log home aside from taking a traditional rustic or western approach. Coastal decorating is another great option that works well in rustic style construction. A coastal look can easily be achieved by incorporating a sandy palette, gentle hues of blues and greens with whitewashed accents. Nothing says “coastal living” quite like an open living room, oversized sofas, nautical stripes, and sea-inspired accents such as ropes, sailboats, and sea-side prints.

Traditional Rustic

Traditional rustic design often includes rough-hewn beams, organic forms, weathered materials, earth tone colors, repurposed objects and textural fabrics. This section includes Adirondack lamps, alpine lodge sofas, antler furniture and lighting, wildlife prints, log furniture, bear & moose décor.

A Few Great Examples

Let me mention just a few possibilities for adaptable rustic decor. You might start with a distressed leather sofa that boasts classic nailhead trim, accented with rich chenille fabric accents. Add a club chair and ottoman with lively bear print upholstery, and perhaps a log rocker with a single black bear on its back cushion. Pick a leather-topped bench for extra seating, or top it with a large copper tray to hold snacks and station it in front of the sofa for feet-up comfort.

Good design with rustic decor is often based on the principle of layering. Select accessories a few at a time until the mix “feels” right and you have achieved a look that serves your purpose and meets your needs for the room. Add personal touches in the form of family photos, memorabilia collected on your travels, heirloom pieces and one or two unexpected quirky additions. How about a magazine rack made from a fishing creel, or a ceramic snack tray that resembles a bear footprint?

Hang local landscape paintings as art or purchase black and while art photographs of wildlife. Stock up on cozy rugs and throws for winter; strip down to polished wood floors or terra cotta tile in the summer. Develop a color palette that doesn’t compete with the outdoors, but rather enhances it, and you will have discovered the secret of effective rustic decor.

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How to Decorate Using Rustic Decor
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