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How to Create Rustic Charm with Cabin Decor

Great choices in cabin decor accessories can bring a fresh new look to a rustic cabin theme. Add an air of authenticity by bringing the outdoors inside. Follow the lead of the earliest settlers by including hand-hewn wood furniture, twig baskets, and rustic headboards. Incorporate fabrics with woodland and wildlife prints and display cast iron cookware, stoneware pieces and beautifully framed rustic landscape scenes. Try layering on warm colors, patterns, and textures to create a cozy and inviting haven. Vibrant quilts, oversized sofas, warm cabin rugs, leather, wrought iron lamps, and coordinating throw pillows provide depth and color.

Defined, rustic style focuses design emphasis on rugged, natural beauty and embraces nature-inspired textures and earthy colors.  Log cabins have a rustic charm that can be recreated in your home by making a few key changes. Create an inherent rustic ambiance through the use of warm colors, natural elements, rustic wood elements, candles, lanterns, classic tartans and wildlife themes.Rustic charm is about retaining a natural look and works well with handcrafted, rough-hewn wood, natural materials, and wrought iron. Create a color palette inspired by nature using subtle browns, greens, reds and sandy tones to give the interior space an earthy and rustic feel.

Look to Nature for Inspiration for Cabin Decor

The perfect cabin décor relies on natural materials for inspiration. Wood can be used in many ways to achieve a rustic style home. It can be used for everything from large tree-trunk coffee tables to faux wooden beams and tree branch chandeliers.

Revamp and Restore

The features of a rustic home create a rugged and genuine feel while appearing natural and never overdone. Embrace the idea of upcycling to restore old, worn furniture – breathing new life into wooden furniture with refinishing and paint.

Try a Modern Rustic Approach

Modern rustic décor is trending and it takes a fresh twist on contemporary country living by drawing inspiration from vintage and industrial styles.

Go for Warm & Cozy

Add a rough edge shelf, rustic artwork, stacks of firewood, an array of rustic and woodland themed accessories, textural baskets and throw pillows and woven elements such as chunky throw blankets.

Natural Woods & Metals

From rustic industrial light fixtures to barn wood coffee tables, two key materials that should be woven into a rustic home are natural woods and metals.

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