Farmhouse Lighting

Farmhouse Lighting

Find farmhouse lighting, including farmhouse chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps. The farmhouse style of decorating is classic, elegant, and comfortable. It’s all about simplicity and keeping things organic. One of the convenient aspects of the farmhouse style is the flexibility it offers, enabling you to decorate with your personal decor collection and vintage furniture that you might have fallen in love with. Forego clutter and be selective in where items are placed.

Organic elements in the home help create a calm and peaceful environment. Choose materials that resonate with your own personal style that will help you connect to your interior. Whether its wood, leather, or seagrass, these items connect us to the great outdoors. Hammered and distressed metals and seeded glass convey a sense of history.

Modern farmhouse combines vintage and modern with a neutral palette as the backdrop. This allows the raw materials, clean lines, and vintage accessories to stand out.

Define open-concept spaces with industrial style farmhouse pendants, mix and match lighting from linen-style shades on table lamps to gorgeous wood pendants with exposed bulbs. Recessed lighting and under-shelf lighting can be replaced with stunning farmhouse fixtures.

If you love farmhouse décor and are wondering where to start, lighting is the perfect place. This style of  lighting incorporates antique-inspired fixtures, to industrial and shabby-chic.

Types of Farmhouse Lighting

Traditional Farmhouse

Traditional farmhouse has stood the test of time and has evolved into today’s modern and industrial styles. It draws from the farm homes of early settlers and brings a feeling of the days of old into a home.

Vintage Farmhouse

Vintage style is reminiscent of the designs developed in rural locations such as country cottages. Great lighting isn’t intended to fulfill the practical role of lighting up the room, it should also stand out as a beautiful piece of design. Vintage lighting is the perfect choice for those who seek to add old world charm to their home.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse lighting combines sleek and contemporary lines with a cozy farmhouse aesthetic. It’s defined by combining simple lines and a subtle warmth, with natural textures such as wood or galvanized steel. It’s less rustic and leans towards modern rustic sophistication.

Industrial Farmhouse

Industrial farmhouse lighting fixtures generally incorporate modern steel or iron that don’t overpower a neutral color scheme.

This collection of farmhouse-inspired lighting evokes a sense of simplicity, warmth, and comfort. Find organic glass, wood, and iron elements as will as industrial silhouettes.