Rustic Pendant Lighting

Rustic Pendants

Looking for rustic pendants? Create a new rustic look in your home with any of our hand-selected chandeliers or rustic pendant lighting. Pendant lighting fixtures create a unique and warm atmosphere and are ideal in areas where you want to add ‘pools of light’. A pendant is any light fixture that is mounted to the ceiling and hangs down from the ceiling on a chain or rod.

Many interior designs recommend pendant lighting as they provide the ability to create a subtle glow and are easy to maintain. Rustic pendant lighting in a kitchen has practical applications and can add an elegant illumination to a room without overwhelming the space.

Rustic lighting come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors. Use pendant lighting to add an inspired touch to your kitchen. Matching pendant lights above the center of a kitchen island unit can instantly create contemporary or rustic charm.

Pendant lighting has become increasingly popular due to their versatility. They can be placed in all rooms of the home for task lighting as well as ambient and decorative lighting.  They are often grouped in a cluster of three in the kitchen and dining room table. In the bedroom they can replace bedside table lamps to provide delicate ambient and romantic lighting.  They work well in foyers, atrium’s and any dark spot in your home.

Whether you are looking for rustic pendant lighting for the kitchen, farmhouse pendant lights, lantern pendent lights or industrial we are continually adding to the collection.