Green Bedding

Green Bedding

Looking for green bedding? Green comforters and duvet covers can help in creating a calm, elegant and peaceful environment, or be used to add a bold punch of modern and vibrant color. From traditional to contemporary, green works beautifully with other colors. Various shades of green also combine effortlessly, so don’t be afraid to mix light and dark.

Green is a perfect choice for a bedroom as it has elements of both cool and warmth and its naturally calming.  This natural hue is very versatile and adds harmony to the bedroom.  ‘Every bedroom benefits from a touch of green,’ says Emma Hooton, in-house stylist for luxury linen brand Tielle.

Pair bright grass green with white to create an instant bold and fresh look or create an island paradise with a vibrant duvet cover in large tropical prints. These bold shades should be used minimally to make a dramatic statement.

Deep green can work in both large and small spaces, and even a small amount can change the mood in a bedroom.

Green doesn’t only work in contemporary bedrooms, it can be incorporated into many different design styles. Coastal green shades work well in beach-inspired bedroom designs. From gentle rain-washed greens to gray-greens with soft hints of dove, beige and stone, green has the ability to adapt to a broad spectrum of design options. It’s a lovely additional to a country-cottage or bohemian style as well.

For a more subtle look, muted tones of green instantly create a warm and cozy environment and work well in bedrooms with vintage, traditional or cottage appeal.

Adding green to the bedroom is easy, whether you are looking for hunter green bedding, kelly green, olive green or shades of emerald, mint, forest or lime. Find a curated collection of green comforters, quilts, linens, duvet covers and bedding sets.