Girls Quilts & Comforters

Girls Quilts & Comforters

Looking for girls quilts? Find stylish little girls quilts and girls comforters in a vivid array of delightful patterns and textures in both bright hues and soft pastels. From warm and cozy patchwork quilts with exquisite detailing, to floral prints, polka dots, paisley, ballerina, fairy and gorgeous mix-and-match patterns.

Choosing the right bedding in a little girls room can often be a difficult task.  As with any bedroom in the home, the bed is typically the focal point. Whether you choose a duvet cover, comforter or quilt, it’s important to create layers in a bedroom. Each item in their room serves as a layer to provide visual interest, from the bedding you choose, to a quilt as well as bedroom furniture, lighting, artwork, area rugs and accent pillows

Girls Quilts

Quilts are a great way to add color, pattern and texture to a room. They can be used to cover the entire bed or be draped over the foot of the bed to add another cozy layer that can be used in cooler temperatures for warmth. They can also be hung on the wall if you are looking to create a ‘country-inspired’ style.

Girls Comforters

Girls comforter sets are available in a wide range of color, styles and sizes.  If you want a modern girls room, think about comforters that are solid in color, or feature geometric block prints. Patchwork comforters are perfect for a more traditional or vintage-inspired bedroom.  Textured styles bring visual interest to the room and come in many different colors.

Printed girls comforters range from bright polka dots, to hearts, floral patterns, checks and other fun prints.  Pair with solid color coordinating sheets to complete the look.

Find all the right quilts for children here and thrill your little one with a bedroom that will make all their dreams come true. Browse through an adorable selection of girls comforters, duvet covers, quilts, bedding sets, storage solutions, kid’s room decor, and much more! Shop in our girls comforter and quilt bedding section…where imaginations come to life.