Blue Bedding

Blue Bedding

Blue Bedding: Next to neutrals, there’s no easier hue to incorporate into any interior space than blue. Blue has many moods and can be used to create a calming and peaceful environment with shades that evoke tones in the sea and sky or bold and modern with a deep indigo print.

Blue is the perfect color to incorporate into bedrooms as it channels tranquility and serenity. Due to its calming energy, it’s a highly recommended color choice by interior designers. Blue is a cool color by nature and works well with almost any other color. It can be paired with blush tones for a romantic and feminine bedroom, or combined with bright yellow, orange or red for high contrast. It also complements neutrals for a refined and sophisticated space. Pairing blue with green is another popular choice.

As with any color chosen for a bedroom, it’s important to finish off the room by adding layers. These are the decorative elements that create interest in a room while adding texture and depth. Area rugs and window treatments add pattern and visually define a room. Pile on the decorative pillows and be sure to add a cozy blanket to the foot of the bed.

From solid to modern printed collections in various shades of blue, this color provides a wide variety of options to choose from. You can also mix and match using different bedding color combinations, such as blue & white, or pair soft blues with rich chocolate. Or, go coastal with subtle shades of striped blues and tans.

With a blue palette, one can choose from bright coastal prints to contemporary luxury, modern, country manor, Boho, or Mediterranean inspired designs. Choose blue comforter, quilts and duvet covers in a wide variety of shades, from royal or navy to turquoise, teal, aquamarine or a subtle pale blue shade.