Rustic Quilts

Rustic Quilts

Rustic quilts are the perfect way to bring a country-inspired feel to the bedroom. Whether they are used to cover the entire bed as a focal point or casually draped over the foot of the bed, they bring an extra added layer of cozy warmth, color, and pattern to the room. 

They also keep you warm on a chilly morning and add instant elegance to the bedroom. It’s a trick interior designer’s often use to achieve that desired full-bed look in photography.

Today quilts range in a wide variety of styles from festive to rustic, modern, and formal. They are versatile and timeless and are the perfect way to add warmth, charm, and character. The color combinations, the pattern, the quilting, and any decorative touches all add a unique value to personalize a room.

You’ll have many options to choose from as many different quilt patterns exist in a broad range of colors. Rustic quilts don’t go out of style are easy to bring from one room to another.

Some quilts are so beautiful you may consider hanging them on the wall. It is a great way to display antique or heirloom quilts. They are also the perfect home decor item to change during different seasons and occasions. A Christmas quilt switched out over the holiday season is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.

Quilts also work well when you are decorating with a theme in mind. From country cottage to rustic or southwestern, a quilt blends in with most style aesthetics. Use it as a showpiece that compliments the surrounding décor. If you want to create a bold look, you can choose Euro pillows in a solid color found in the quilt to place at the top of the bed.

Versatile and timeless, a quilt can be an extension of an existing style or can be the inspiration for a whole new look. It can instantly set the tone in a guest room, inviting visitors to feel at home. 

Find a hand-selected collection of rustic quilts such log cabin quilts, Ozark, Lodge, and Wildlife Woodland Quilt Collections. Browse through a curated collection of lodge and cabin quilts in earth-tone colors as well as vibrant hues of red and green.

The Lodge Quilt Bedding Collection takes a traditional approach to with its lively red buffalo check and sage green diamond panels that are splashed with large-scale moose, bear, deer, fish, and pine tree images.

The Ozark Quilt Bedding has a beautiful pinwheel layout in a rich bard red, beige, and plaid design that embodies true rustic appeal. The Lake Cabin Bedding Collection celebrates the solitude of lake living also with refreshing green and red.

Decorating with Quilts

With their unique patterns, warm textures, and superb craftsmanship, it’s not a surprise that so many people love quilts in their homes.

Are you ready for more warmth and style? Pottery Barn suggests placing a pretty, lightweight quilt or coverlet over the flat sheet. “Quilts and coverlets often have casual, colorful, or intricate patterns that visually warm up your room. Quilts and coverlet sets usually include coordinating shams, too, for a finished look with your pillows. In warmer weather, you’ll have the option of sleeping under just the quilt and cover sheet. In colder weather, the quilt will most likely provide added warmth. You can also fold it down to the foot of your bed. Either way, it’s an essential part of how to layer bedding during any season – it’s both practical and beautiful.”

They instantly make your house look warm and cozy and their softness and textures are welcoming. If your décor is neutral, they can be used to add a beautiful pop of color.

When you find a quilt you like, you want to show it off. Quilts can be used as a one-of-a-kind decorative accent. Traditional quilts typically capture country flare with shades of warm reds, blues, and grays while contemporary quilts are designed with bolder colors.

Quilts can also be used to celebrate the season or a holiday. In the fall, choose a quilt that is reminiscent of the changing leaves. They are available in earth tone hues such as amber, ocher, rustic and warm greens.

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