Kids Shark Bedding | Shark Bedroom Ideas

Shark Bedding

Create a fun and exciting bedroom with shark bedding. For children who love the sea, shark comforters and quilts are the perfect way create a beach-inspired bedroom.

Shark Bedroom Ideas

Various nautical elements can easily be incorporated in a shark theme bedroom, such as prints of whales, anchors, netting, rope, distressed wood and wall decals. You can also easily add a net draped on the ceiling secured with small white hooks to add drama and interest.  Fill the netting with lightweight plastic or plush sharks inside.

A shark theme bedroom typically has a palette of hues of blues and contrasting white or shades of gray. You can also add red to the space to add a pop of fresh color.  It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice in kid’s bedroom design, and there are many coordinating items available such as twisted rope table lamps, large shark wall stickers and prints, area rugs and rope finial window hardware.

If you choose a shark themed bedding set, it works well to keep the furniture light and neutral with weather washed woods in a soft white, gray or tan that coordinates with the bedding.

You can also go with solid or striped bedding and simply add a few shark decorative pillows to the mix.

Whether your child prefers hammerheads or giant great whites, this theme is great for a little adventurer.