Rustic Vanity Lights

Rustic Vanity Lights

Looking for rustic vanity lights? Browse through a large selection of rustic lighting fixtures, including rustic vanity lights available in moose, bear and forest designs.

Vanity lighting are a designer’s best friend as they provide absolute control over setting the mood of the bathroom. They are especially useful to those who want to create a spa-like bathroom where they can relax and recharge.

Rustic vanity lights not only provide task lighting for grooming, they also create ambient lighting. When a dimmer switch is added to the equation, they can create a warm glow for an evening soak. It also allows eyes to adjust first thing in the morning.

Wall mounted fixtures, or wall sconces, are a popular choice for bathroom vanities for many people.  Not only are they functional, but they also save on space. They are commonly chosen in pairs to evenly light the face from both sides. They fill the space on either side of the mirror and provide a decorative touch.

We have a myriad of styles of vanity lighting including rustic hand-blown glass, vintage iron and bamboo. Add grace and warmth to your home with the Canyon 3 Light Vanity. This lodge vanity light is made from metal and features deer and pine tree silhouettes.

Create dimension with the beautiful Wasatch Bear Mirror w/ Vanity Light, featuring a bear walking amidst evergreen trees on a steel frame finished in cedar green and rust patina. Two light fixtures with opal white bell shades affixed to the frame give this mirror versatility.