How to Choose Girls Bedding

Looking for girls bedding? A young girl’s bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It can be a playroom, reading nook, or simply a place to get away from it all. Because of this, it is vital to pick just the right comforter, duvet cover or quilt for this space. As a professional designer, I have spent much time decorating kids rooms and selecting girls bedding of all types. Allow me to share some of the tips I have learned about choosing the perfect set for that special girl in your life.

Just because you are choosing youth bedding and décor does not mean you are stuck with cartoon characters. Today, there are many exciting choices when it comes to designer girls bedding. Mix and match patterns and solids are a lot of fun and have a designer-friendly edge that can grow with a young lady. Before you make a purchase, check out some of the top brands on the market today. Many of these brands have a distinct “look”, and you may just find the perfect style in a brand you never expected. We also have an adorable selection of boys bedding to choose from.


Baby Girl
Creating a nursery is a lot of fun. However, the key to creating a nursery that is comfortable for baby and attractive too is picking the right baby nursery set. Today’s crib sets and other baby bedding is more decorator-friendly than ever before. In fact, many of the patterns and pieces are designed to make it even easier to transition a nursery into a toddler room.

Toddler Girls Bedding
As you decorate a toddler’s room, you have many considerations. Not only are you designing a room that will appeal to you, but your toddler may have some opinions too. Additionally, you need toddler bedding that is functional and long-lasting. When I decorate for a toddler, I choose bright colors and bold patterns. Moreover, I always pick high-quality brands that are easy to keep clean, because you never know WHAT a toddler will get into.

Girls Bedding
Modern young girls are growing up faster and are more knowledgeable about style than ever before. The cartoon characters and boring designs that were popular years ago simply will not do. Choosing the perfect quilt or duvet cover, sheets and accessories can be a fun way for a young girl to show off her style. Help her pick wisely by shopping high-quality brands and pieces by whimsical designers.

Teen Girls Bedding
As a girl becomes a teenager, she will want a room that is a bit more adult and perhaps more sophisticated. Shop around and find the perfect sheet set, quilt or duvet cover and other matching pieces to help that special teen girl in your life create her unique place.



Emily + Meritt Girls Bedding

Dress up your bed with this fancy duvet cover and pillow sham. With narrow black and white stripes and ruffles along the edges, this pure cotton duvet cover is as stylish as it is soft. Designed by celebrity stylists and fashion designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, this bedding captures their classic and rebellious aesthetic.

Girls Bedding Sets

Add a touch of decorative charm to their sleep space with our so-soft quilt featuring a sweet sprinkling of roses along the border. The Bramble Rose Border Quilt provides their bed with lasting comfort and style. Designed exclusively for Pottery Barn Kids by the Junk Gypsies, sisters Amie and Jolie Sikes, it captures the duo’s rebellious spirit and unique design philosophy.

Girls Twin Bedding

Sweet dreams do come true with this plush quilt and sham woven with pure cotton. This luxe layer is both stylish and soft. Designed exclusively by celebrity stylists and fashion designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. Shown with the Oversized Leopard Duvet Cover + Sham that provides a glamorous and cozy bold print that is both stylish and soft.

Cortina Girls Quilt Bedding

This bedding is both lively and versatile and is easy to mix and match.  The design is reversible and makes it easy to switch up the look in a kids’ room with ease.  The design shows extensive attention to detail, and the quilt is lightweight enough for warm nights, but also perfect for chillier ones.  The quilt was block-printed and quilted by hand.

Childrens Bedding Duvet Cover

This bedding was inspired by Indian Damask, was block-printed by hand in a pared-back tonal palette.  It strikes the perfect balance between bohemian and preppy, with loose, painterly lines that have a natural variation in each piece, giving the duvet covers individual character. It’s soft, elegant with gentle colors.

Kids Duvet Covers

The embroidered scallop edge of this beautifully made duvet cover brings a sweet vintage vibe to a classic look. Available in Aqua, Shell, and Navy, it’s easy to mix and match with patterned sheets for those craving an almost all-white bed. Add a fabulous sheet set in a tried-and-true basic to create a look that takes center stage.

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Girls Bedding & Bedroom Ideas

A new comforter, quilt, or duvet cover can instantly bring a fresh new look to a girl’s room. With so many options to choose from, it’s a good idea to have an initital design concept for the room before making any purchases.

Would your daughter prefer bright and bold patterns or delicate pastel hues? Is there a theme that is to be incorporated, such as ponies, butterflies, or woodland animals?

Pinterest can be a great source of information for gathering girls bedding and bedroom ideas. It’s also the perfect way to interact with your child and have them view a wide variety of ideas, from items to be purchased or DIY projects.

Step 1:  Lay the Foundation

If a particular theme is chosen it’s easy to find bedding, decor and artwork that will bring this look together. For example, if the theme is Butterfly Garden, there are many butterfly duvet covers, quilts, framed prints and even butterfly and floral lamps.

If there will be no specific theme set, then it’s time to brainstorm to choose a color palette. I often use artwork or area rug as inspiration in defining the colors to be used in a little girls room. You can pull out the colors from the print or rug to choose wall color, bedding and decor.

How to Decorate a Girls Room

Decorating a girls’ bedroom is a challenge. No matter what the age, make sure you keep her personality in mind with every choice you make. If your daughter, granddaughter or another young girl in your life is old enough, you can even get her input on the project.

Who knows, choosing her bedding and decorating her room could be a great way for the two of you to bond! Try narrowing it down to a few options that you feel comfortable with, and then let your child decide. It goes a long way in helping them feel more connected to their new bed.

Step 2:  Details Matter

While the functionality of a bedroom is important as well as furniture and organization, it’s the little details that really matter. The sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing the space and making it a room that they would want to spend time in. Maximizing storage is always at the top of the lists. Storage should be practical and accessible, to provide children with a place to put toys and books. Baskets, bookshelves, trays, and cupboards with doors or a daybed with underneath drawer storage are all good options. If space allows try and create a small work zone with a desk and chair. A large storage piece is a key building block for any bedroom, whether it’s a chest of drawers, armoire or console. Be sure to purchase furniture that will grow with your child, and save on items that they will outgrow.

Step 3: Consider the options available in girls bedding

A great option to consider is a reversible comforter set as it provides the ability for a child to effortlessly make changes to their room. I always recommend purchasing the comforter or quilt prior to painting the room, as the bedding can provide inspiration for wall color as well as for room décor.

If your daughter has a favorite theme or symbol that she’d like added to the room, such as butterflies, unicorns or rainbows, they can easily be added to any bedding set in the form of throw pillows or wall art.

Many quilts come with the option of being personalized. Children love to see their names displayed on everything from toy boxes to bedding, including pillowcases, shams, and duvet covers.

Step 4: Keep it  Durable

Durability is also an important factor when choosing bedding for children. Being able to throw the bedding set into washing machine any time its necessary is convenient. The fabric should also be light, comfortable and cozy. A child’s skin is especially sensitive, so it’s always an important factor to take into considerations.

Step 5: Create a Kid’s Room Gallery Wall

Think about creating a gallery wall in your child’s bedroom. It’s a perfect place to add artwork in complementary colors to the bedding, as well as to create interest and excitement. Whether it’s family photos, your child’s own artwork, or personalized wall art, be sure to use one large piece as a focal point and smaller surrounding pieces to provide contrast. Make your little artist proud by matting and framing their drawings. They can even add their own signature to the bottom, to make it even more official. Another great idea is to include a few 3-D pieces to add depth. As your child’s tastes change as they age, you can swap out the youthful pieces with grown-up updates. For inexpensive wall art, you can also frame images from a book, calendar or special greeting card.

Step 6:  Add Whimsical Details

Children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, both for sleeping, visiting with their friends, doing their homework and playing, and it’s important that their space reflect their little personalities. Locating meaningful pieces provides a child’s room with personality. Think of adding quirky details such as a hat collection or add a favorite poem to a wall with stencils and wall decals surrounding it. It’s the whimsical details that your child will love the most. Canopy curtains around the bed take the bedroom to next-level luxurious.

Step 7: Add a Little Pizzaz

You can add pizzaz by mixing patterns such as dots, chevron, and stripes. It instantly gives the feel a unique, eclectic and cozy feel. It’s important to use patterns in different scales to pull the look together. Choose where your largest print will go, and then accent with smaller prints. Keep the colors consistent and don’t forget about adding solid colors for balance.

Step 8: Choosing Paint Colors in Kid’s Bedrooms

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the perfect paint color for a child’s room. A simple solution is to bring the bedding into the paint store. Get paint samples and try them out. It’s important to see what the color looks like in the room before you commit. Leave the samples up for a few days so you can view the paint color at different times of the day. Natural light will show the truest version of the color.

Shared Bedroom Spaces for Kids

For shared bedroom spaces, a cute idea is to personalize each bed with a monogrammed pillow. Classic bunks are a great option as they save on floor space and provide each child with a bed of their own.

Decorating Small Kid’s Bedrooms

When furnishing smaller rooms, be sure to limit your palette of colors to keep the room from feeling smaller and cluttered.

Another option is to add wallpaper with a little pattern to it. Small patterns tend to work better in small spaces, and larger patterns work best in larger rooms. Wall decals also work well in adding a splash of color to the room.

Tie the room together with a stylish area rug that suits the existing color scheme. It’s easy to make a statement with a rug with a playful pattern.

Kid’s Bedding Ideas

Find all the bedding of their dreams, from girls comforters, duvet covers, sheets and pillows in whimsical prints and bright patterns. The prints have been designed exclusively and include fanciful animals, bright stripes, polka dots, ballerinas, flowers and lovely blooms. Find organic kids bedding as well as sheets made from crisp cotton percale, lived-in jersey knits or cozy and soft flannel.

Featured brands: MiZone, Glenna Jean, JoJo Designs, Intelligent Design, Eastern Accents and My World.


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