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Western Decor

Looking for western decor and western decorating ideas? Cowboy decor instantly adds a western flair to the home. In contrast to farmhouse design, western style encompasses a bolder approach and can often take on a ‘masculine’ feel. From upholstered leather furniture to metal hardware, western decor, colorful area rugs and warm earthy colors, western interiors are strong in character.

There are a few elements that go hand-in-hand with western style interiors. At the top of the list is cowhide. Cowhide makes a strong visual statement, and a little goes a long way. A cowhide area rug, pillows or ottoman instantly adds ranch appeal.

Many western designers incorporate nailhead trim to provide a finished look. Nailhead trim can be found on chairs, sofas and even tables. Navaho rugs and textiles also an important element in western style homes – not only gorgeous, but also provide the opportunity to add vibrant color, pattern and texture to a space.

Antlers are also another great way to create a western feel to the home. Antler chandeliers make a strong statement and are the perfect accent in rustic, lodge and western homes. They also contrast well with iron and metal furniture.

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