Modern Quilts


If you’re looking for a creative way to infuse your room with color, pattern, and texture, quilts are a perfect choice. They also can be used in a variety of ways.  For a neutral or white bedroom design, a quilt placed over the foot of the bed can instantly add warmth, texture and pattern.  Quilts are also available in a wide variety of both soft and bold hues that can transform a room by adding a bright pop of color.

They work well in modern as well as rustic and farmhouse bedrooms.  A contemporary solid color quilt can be used to ground a colorful duvet cover. They can also be placed on the walls as artwork or rolled up and placed in bins or baskets for an additional layer of texture.

Quilts can also provide heritage and a link to our past. They can be showcased using a quilt rack that is mounted on the wall or a stand-alone rack on the floor.  Another traditional way to display these gorgeous works of art is to lean a vintage ladder against a wall and drape folded quilts over the rungs.

From country bedding to patchwork and vintage, contemporary, lodge to rustic and log cabin quilts – all are sure to transform any bedroom into a warm and relaxing environment. They also make a wonderful keepsake folded gently at the foot of a bed for a rustic or vintage feel

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