Dinosaur Bedding

Dinosaur Bedding

Looking for dinosaur bedding? You’ve come to the right place!

Kids’ dinosaur bedrooms instantly transport a child back to when these great creatures roamed the earth. There are many options in dinosaur bedding, from coordinating quilts and sheet sets to duvet covers and comforters.

This theme lends to brightly colored wall decals, stencils, or hand-painted jungle scenes with prehistoric-looking plants.  Amidst the large foliage, T-Rex, flying Pterodactyls, and Triceratops can be added.

Take inspiration from the color of the bedding to choose the color to be painted on the walls and surrounding room décor. Wall borders, throw pillows, and area rugs can be added to integrate bright splashes of vibrant color.

Completing a dinosaur theme room has many options, such as placing stuffed dinosaurs throughout the space. Accessories also include stackable dinosaur bins, dino light fixtures, and artwork. A quick DIY idea is to stamp dinosaur footprints across the walls.

Dressers and shelves are the perfect places to add dinosaur skeleton models, books, magazines, and perhaps an archaeologist’s hat.  Plants also work to create a jungle effect. Add a touch of prehistoric adventure to their sleep space with a dinosaur terrarium. Fill a terrarium with a layer of small stones and soil, and add tropical plants and dinosaur figures.

Browse a curated collection of adorable dinosaur comforters, quilts, and duvet covers in various colors and patterns. Add a touch of prehistoric adventure to their sleep space with coordinating sheets and throw pillows.

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