Coastal Furniture

Coastal Furniture

Looking for coastal furniture?  Coastal spaces are casual, relaxing, warm, and inviting and often designed with a personal touch. Nothing says “coastal living” quite like an open living room, oversized sofas, and nautical stripes.  The coastal living design trend provides you with the beauty of the beach and the relaxed mood by the shore.

Coastal design generally incorporates many natural elements such as wicker and rattan as well as weathered woods.  This look can easily be achieved by incorporating a sandy palette, gentle hues of blues and greens with whitewashed accents.

Textural design elements play an important role in a Coastal style home. It’s not only important how these design elements look, but how they feel as well. When you think of the beach, it draws to mind a tactile experience derived from the sensation of touching stones and pebbles, driftwood, water, and sand.  You can incorporate this into your own home by layering several textures together. Combine soft elements such as a multitude of throw pillows and cozy blankets with woven area rugs, textural linen fabrics, light and airy sheers, wood furniture, sand-inspired finishes and seagrass baskets. Rugs that work best in a coastal home are made from straw, seagrass or jute.

Coastal furniture should look and feel comfortable and have a clean and modern aesthetic without being too contemporary.

Here you’ll find a curated selection of rattan chairs, coastal coffee tables, outdoor dining tables and chairs, outdoor ottomans, sectionals, armchairs and sofas.