Boys Duvet Covers

Boys Duvet Covers

Find boys duvet covers from toddler to teen. From stripe bedding to dinosaur, nautical, modern, plaid and chambray.

Duvets are a great idea for children’s bedrooms as they are fluffier than comforters, offer warmth and they are surprisingly lightweight.  Their removable covers make it easy to change the look of the bed without having to purchase a brand-new duvet.  This is perfect for a growing child who may want a more grown up version down the road.  Duvet covers are also easier to clean then comforters as they are less bulky.

Another important consideration beside the bedding when you’re planning your boy’s bedroom, is to balance function, safety and style.  The first step is to analyze how the bedroom will be used and what will need to facilitate the activity. Will they be using their room as a study?  Will there be a designated play area?

Planning adequate storage will keep the room organized.  Shelves, baskets and bins should be easy for the child to access to store their toys and precious objects.

When you are thinking about the bedding, there are many approaches you can take.  Boys duvet covers can be chosen by a theme that your child is drawn to or playing with a mix of patterns and colors.  Classic patterns for a little boys room are plaids, stripes and checks.  Patterns add personality to a kid’s room.  It’s easy to mix patterns and colors.  A rule of thumb is to be sure to balance patterns with solid colors.  Patterns should include variety in scale, such as pairing large prints with smaller.

Once the pattern has been determined, it’s time to determine the color palette for the room.  Use the bedding as inspiration and as a guide to purchasing décor and accessories.