Turquoise Bedding

Turquoise Bedding

Find turquoise bedding quilts, comforters and duvet covers. Turquoise can be used to liven up any space in the home, including the bedroom.  It’s a bold hue that works in traditional, coastal, contemporary, southwestern and rustic styles of design.  As the color can be found as a mineral in nature it works well when combined with other natural colors such as neutral shades, earth tones and dark shades of blue. It can also be paired with complementary colors such as tangerine or coral for a bold and modern look.

Gray and turquoise add instant elegance to a modern bedroom design.  Keep it simple with just a few turquoise accents to brighten the room up. Turquoise also looks beautiful with white, especially in a little girl’s bedroom.  It’s the ideal choice if you want to create a bedroom that feels tranquil. It comes in a wide variety of hues, just like the gemstone which provides the opportunity to incorporate light to darker shades throughout the space.

If you want to bring in a touch of this color to the bedroom, try adding decorative pillows with turquoise included in the pattern.  There are also turquoise throw blankets that can be added to the end of the bed as well as window treatments, artwork, area rugs and accessories. It also a great choice for accent furniture such as bedside tables.

Turquoise is a color associated with peace and happiness and healing.  It’s been embraced by cultures all over the world including Native Indians.

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