Modern Rustic Bedrooms

Modern rustic bedrooms are contemporary with a touch of traditional. Nature places a strong role in achieving this much sought after look and enhances the overall appeal of the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Modern Rustic design has become increasingly popular as people love to embrace the slowed-down pace of country living, yet they aren’t quite ready to let go of all of the modern styles they know and love. Combining the best of both worlds achieves this popular design scheme. When it is done correctly, a modern rustic bedroom is an appealing, tranquil place that always feels like home.

This style includes rough wood beams for ceilings and natural elements like wood and stone. Natural fabrics are used for window treatments and throw pillows. Rustic chic incorporates the use of leather, metal, and ceramics to create a warm and inviting space.

The color palette does not have to include anything too complicated. Usually, it will begin with a neutral base color with monochrome decor. Then, you want to do anything possible to bring the outdoors in. Open those windows and let the natural light shine! Exposed natural elements are always a nice choice too. Wood floors and other earthy decorative favorites are immediately at home in a modern rustic bedroom.

Finally, the furniture is usually where the modern touches come into play. Simple, clean lines and function over the bells and whistles are always at home in a modern rustic home. Think informal, yet elegant, and your style will come together!

How to Design a Modern Rustic Bedroom

Wood and Forest – Wood tones are a key factor for the modern rustic design scheme. However, not just any wood will do. Think about the forest and let that inspire you. Darker or colorful wood is an excellent choice. As is the use of wood in unexpected ways. Let a nature walk be your guide to bringing in the outdoors, and don’t be afraid to use wood in a new way. One excellent way to bring this into your home is to check out the reclaimed timber products on the market today. Not only will be adding something exciting to your home, but you can also feel good about reusing materials that may have otherwise wound up in the landfill.

Pile on the Layers – It’s important to add comfortable layers and textures to make a bedroom feel cozy. Mixed materials like a down-filled duvet, to blankets and knit throws work together to create a warm and inviting bed.

A rustic bedroom can be enhanced with a gorgeous quilt. There are a wide variety of quilts available in many different colors and patterns. Quilts never fail to support the right look and feel of a rustic bedroom. Hanging a quilt on the wall can also provide a down-home feel to the space.

That fur rug, a simple quilt on the back of the couch, and candles as functional décor are simple additions that make the area feel homey. These little embellishments are the pieces that you use that will keep the space from feeling too sparse and stark.

Organic Textures – To bring out the rustic feel of your bedroom, adding elements that have texture is a simple solution. Think linen curtains, a wool rug, and décor that begs to be touched. When you add texture, you can scale back on the color which makes the modern rustic style pop.

Adding these tactile pieces is crucial in areas such as the bedroom, where there will be more opportunities to utilize cloth elements. Organic textures can instantly make a space feel calm and relaxing as they connect us with nature and the outdoors. From wood and natural stone to woven baskets, plants, and natural fibers. As for textiles avoid anything with a sheen and lean towards fabrics such as jute or leather.

Use Calming Colors – The color palette in a rustic bedroom is predictably natural and leans towards neutral. When it comes to colors, you want to be sure to channel nature. Think gorgeous earth tones, the color of wood, natural greens, and warm creams. Anything you use should be a nature-based color; natural fabrics—leather, burlap, cotton, etc.—metals, and stone are all great examples of this.

Wrought Metal – Metal doorknobs and handles compliment exposed wood beams. Metals can be incorporated in chandeliers, lamps and as trimming on the edges of furniture.

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