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Rustic Living Room Furniture

Find rustic living room furniture from the top rustic, cabin, farmhouse and lodge furniture brands. With the increase of interest in creating rustic interiors, there are so many different variations of this style. Although they each have their own unique characteristics, it’s quite common to blend different elements of each of the rustic styles together.

Traditional Log Cabin & Lodge Furniture

Traditional lodge-style design combines the rural charm of mountain living with natural elements. Log cabin and lodge furniture are built using handcrafted techniques, using rough-hewn wood, organic materials and wrought iron. Moose and bear and other wildlife motifs are commonly used on fabrics, as well as the use of rich leather and earth-toned accessories.

Modern Rustic Furniture

Modern rustic combines old-world elements with a contemporary flair in a minimalist arrangement. Key elements in this style is the use of industrial décor, a mixture of modern and rustic furniture and reclaimed pieces to create a simple and informal elegance.

Rustic Industrial Furniture

Industrial design has a clean and rustic aesthetic that uses a natural palette of grays, neutrals and earth tone colors. Most furniture used in rustic industrial design is weathered wood, metal, exposed brick and concrete.

Farmhouse Furniture

Farmhouse furniture is often characterized by distressed wood, upholstered linen and is often large in scale. The style is characterized as being comfortable, casual and cozy using handcrafted furniture and vintage textiles.

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