Modern Farmhouse Area Rug

A gorgeous modern farmhouse area rug with a classic geometric pattern in two tones of grey and white with overlapping diamonds.


Modern Farmhouse Area Rug

You’d never know that this gorgeous modern farmhouse rug has its origins in recycled plastic bottles. Soft underfoot and deftly woven, the handcrafted rug imitates the look of a fine wool floor covering right down to the fringed edges. Ceri’s classic geometry takes shape in white and two tones of grey, layering a row of large, overlapping diamonds over a field dotted with small white diamonds. Easy to care for, this rug lives indoors or out, where it can be cleaned with a spray from the garden house.

*Designer’s Note:

I purchased this rug for my own home as a runner for the entrance way.  It’s beautifully made and holds up well to foot traffic and has the look and feel of wool.