Lodge Bedroom Ideas

Its easy to feature the great outdoors in your master bedroom and create a cozy retreat that recalls a rustic yet sophisticated lodge. Bedrooms decorated in the mountain, hunting or lodge style of design reflect a cozy and casual elegance. Lodge style is most popular in the mountain states of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, but also popular in various other states and in Canada.

The use of rustic and earth tone colors fits perfectly in a lodge bedroom. Choose colors that reflect the great outdoors – from gorgeous hunter greens to warm browns and reds, burnished golds and deep black. A neutral palette for the walls works well to showcase the colors of nature with competing. Incorporate these stunning fall-like shades in area rugs, artwork, throw pillows, window treatments and bedroom décor.

Give your bedroom the lodge look with high-quality luxury cabin bedding. Lodge bedding has classic rustic motifs that bring the cabin style into your bedroom. From wildlife motifs such as bear, moose and lodge to plaids, southwest geometric patterns and rugged leather. All work towards helping define the hunting lodge style in your room.

Typical elements of a lodge bedroom are a natural and unobstructed view to the outdoors, wood flooring and large-scale wood furniture. Bedroom furniture is all about comfort and is usually oversized and rugged.
Accessories can be anything you’d use outdoors provided they have a weathered appearance. Try mounting skiis or snowshoes, canoe paddles or antique fishing rods to add further character and charm. Be sure to add plush area rugs, themed tossed pillows, and a lodge-style chandelier to add the finishing touch.

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