Modern Rustic Bedding

Modern Rustic Bedding

Find modern rustic bedding, including duvet covers, comforters, and quilts in a wide variety of rustic contemporary design styles.

Escape to your dream lodge retreat with sophisticated bedding sets in a wide variety of colors and patterns. From the Huntsman Comforter Set that showcases subtle brown and cream plaids with hints of green and burgundy, to the Alpine Collection with mix and match items in gorgeous earth tone hues.

Designers have been embracing the rustic-chic look for quite some time now, but today the trend is more popular than ever. Rustic chic style adds elegance and a comfortable ambiance to the bedroom while providing the opportunity to seamlessly blend in-congruent items together such as antiques with country accessories or contemporary pieces with classic and rustic.

Create the perfect balance between contemporary and rustic elements to give the room a unique personality. Incorporate natural textures, rustic bedside tables, repurposed and restored items with polished and modern finishes.

Metallics such as weathered brass and iron create interest. Think of adding rustic shelving, wooden crates, copper lamps, and galvanized buckets. Clean modern lines contrast perfectly with distressed wood wall hangings and natural materials.

From rustic chic to farmhouse bedding, browse through a curated collection of bedding sure to elevate any modern rustic bedroom.