Rustic Round Lantern Chandelier

A farmhouse motif gives this simple, industrial pendant a rustic feel. Perfect for a foyer, or to be hung in multiples over a kitchen island. For a farmhouse setting needs a fresh look, curate a cohesive aesthetic in your home with several pieces from our farmhouse collection.


LNC Rustic Round Lantern Chandelier

LNC Home Rustic Round Lantern Chandelier : This is a lighting fixture that will stun all your guests. Designer details abound in this round lantern pendant light. The hand-crafted frame carries strong roughness and earthiness. With 4 dark brown brushed corners, this lighting fixture is added with a layer of metallic charm. Perfect for your foyer, living room, and over-kitchen island area.

A pendant that is full of farmhouse and rough charm. Carved out of natural wood, the frame is crafted with a rustic touch. With an open design, it allows ample and unhindered light.

The unique and simplistic design will take your farmhouse-style lodge or traditional cottage to new heights. The combination of distressed wood and hand-paint veneer creates the old-world charm that uplifts the ambiance with understated elegance.

The metal of the stand is meticulously-crafted to add a unique rustic touch. The toughness of metal is balanced by the softness and earthiness of the wooden frame, and all the elements blend perfectly together and reach the state of harmonious charm.


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