Each home is built to the specifications of our customers. Taking an active role in the planning and design of your own log home will be a long remembered and rewarding experience. There is a definite satisfaction in living in a home built to suit your individual or family requirements. Our talented craftsmen have built many custom homes working with one goal in mind…to meet the high expectations of each individual customer. View our selection of log home plans.



Log Home Plans & Custom Log Cabins

The first sequence of events pertaining to your log home plans generally proceeds with the initial research in deciding who will build your home, costs associated, as well as choosing the right log home plan. The construction of log homes begins with the blueprints. Blueprints are most often computer generated through the use of building design software that allows for constant revisions and changes to be made, as specified by the future home owner. It is imperative that the architect or draftsman has a clear understanding of exactly what the customer envisions their house to be, and works accordingly within these perimeters.

Once blueprints are completed, specific measurements and instructions are provided to the builder. Blueprints are the “picture documents” that clearly show what the house will look like upon its completion. Detailed drawings are also included that list materials and procedures. Specifications are the “word documents” that specify labour and materials to be used. The Construction Drawings used to build must consist of the blueprints and the specifications in order to be complete. In your research for the perfect log homes plan, you will probably notice that many handcrafted companies feature a variety of floor plans to choose from. As handcrafted companies generally build custom designed homes, these designs are not sold as “stock plans”. Very few people do not wish to make some modifications or changes, be they even minor.

We build homes from the construction drawings provided to us by our customers, who are working with their own architect or draftsman, or by referring our customers directly to our draftsman of preference. It is critical that who ever draws the construction drawings has a full understanding of log home construction. Our draftsman can work directly with you to make any modifications or changes to one of our existing log home plans, or work closely with you to formulate your own custom design.

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